About Us

Coastal Vein and Vascular Specialists (CVVS) represents a team of practitioners that are committed to the highest excellence of vascular medical care.

Our only focus is on vascular disease! Our team of highly skilled professionals have decades of combined experience treating the most complex of vascular disorders using the latest minimally invasive technologies.


Every professional at CVVS remains on the forefront of the latest techniques to provide the best possible results for every patient.

  • Board Certified in Vascular Surgery – Dr. Boyes is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon. He has many years of experience as an academic vascular surgeon and has treated thousands of patients with the most complex of all vascular diseases. He is the only full-time and board certified vascular surgeon in Northern Palm Beach County specializing exclusively in treating vascular disease. He brings an academic level of excellence to the vascular medical care of South Florida.

  • Board Certified Registered Vascular Technologists – Our Ultrasound Technologists are all Certified to perform Vascular Ultrasounds. This means you will receive the most accurate ultrasound images to allow our providers to make accurate medical decisions about your vascular disease.

  • We use the latest technology – Our non-invasive or minimally invasive solutions to your vascular disease gives you the results you want with as little pain, discomfort and downtime as possible.  We have spent years learning the latest and greatest technology to perfect our procedures we provide for you.

  • We offer convenient appointments and in-office treatments – We can accommodate and work around your busy schedule. Many of the procedures for vein disease can be performed in the office with little to no downtime. Most vein treatments take less than an hour. Depending on the treatment, you can return to work the very next day

  • We have a caring, friendly team of professionals – Each team member is dedicated to making you feel relaxed and comfortable during your visit with us.

  • We help you navigate through the insurance process – To minimize your costs, most vein procedures are covered by your insurance. We will help get approval from your insurance company or Medicare for your procedure.

CVVS has the experience and credentials trusted by South Florida residents and visitors.

CVVS is the only medical group in the Palm Beaches to provide Board Certified Vascular Surgeons and Board Certified Registered Vascular Technologists who dedicate 100% of their time treating vascular diseases. Using the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques, residents and visitors of the Palm Beaches are guided to a quick and painless road to recovery from their vein and vascular disease.

Reputations for top-quality treatment and results patients love.

Dr. Boyes and his associates are trusted by South Florida area physicians to provide leading-edge and highly skilled vascular care for their patients. CVVS is dedicated to building a premier center of excellence for treating vascular disease.