Doctor Profile: Christopher W. Boyes MD FACS

April 5, 2023

Dr. Christopher W. Boyes has spent his entire career treating vascular medical conditions. Vein and vascular problems manifest in a variety of ways throughout the human body. In fact, the field of vascular surgery may be more far reaching than you imagined, as the doctor’s intricate knowledge of the vascular system extends from head to toe.

jupiter medical center attending vascular surgeon dr christopher w boyes

Familiar medical procedures performed by Dr. Boyes include angioplasty, aneurysm repair, carotid surgery, and endovascular surgery. His specialized skills are also valuable for procedures such as fluoroscopy, intraluminal device insertion, and venous catheterization, which helps kidney dialysis patients, among others.

Dr. Boyes spent six years as a full-time academic vascular surgeon in a large vascular practice. This experience enabled him to treat a wide variety of complex vascular diseases, often including conditions that could not be treated by others.

This also led to the doctor’s extensive and groundbreaking work with limb salvage to reduce amputations related to advanced peripheral arterial disease and critical limb ischemia, especially for diabetes patients. His considerable knowledge of vascular repair has brought new hope to patients in cases where innovative endovascular procedures could supplant amputation as the first line of treatment for severe conditions.

doctor screens high risk stroke patient for tcar surgery ultrasound

Recently, Dr. Boyes has been among the first in his area to perform the stroke prevention surgery Trans Carotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR). This new and innovative procedure has shown remarkable promise in the treatment of carotid artery disease for patients at high risk of stroke. Once again, the doctor’s extensive background and training allow him to take advantage of the most sophisticated medical procedures available.

Did you know that all surgeons are doctors, but not all doctors are surgeons? Becoming a surgeon takes more skill and training than what is taught in basic medicine and even some specialties. Therefore, a surgeon has more in-depth knowledge and may be better suited to suggest treatment alternatives.

Years of specialized experience, education, and training have earned Dr. Boyes designations as a board-certified surgeon and board-certified vascular surgeon by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Additionally, he holds a title from the Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), which indicates he has also passed thorough evaluations of professional competence and ethical fitness. These certifications are specific for each designation and require years of education beyond that received by non-board-certified doctors.

As an expert in his field, Dr. Boyes has contributed to numerous journal articles, medical research papers, and professional presentations. His work is often cited by peers and can be seen online in Endovascular Today, Cardiovascular Learning Network, Journal of Vascular Surgery, and many others. He is also listed in prestigious medical directories. Locally, the doctor was included in the Palm Beach Illustrated 2020 Physician Profiles for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Interventional Radiology.

board certified vascular surgeon dr christopher w boyes palm beach florida

While born and raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, his education and career have taken him to New York, North Carolina, and abroad. However, when it was time to open a private practice, Dr. Boyes returned to his hometown.

Dr. Boyes opened Coastal Vein and Vascular Specialists where he and his team provide treatment for varicose veins, arterial disease, dialysis access, stroke prevention, and many other vascular problems. In addition, Dr. Boyes is an attending board-certified vascular surgeon at the Jupiter Medical Center and the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.

Patients in the South Florida area now have the good fortune to benefit from the extensive medical experience of Dr. Christopher Boyes. If you need a consultation or second opinion on a vascular condition, please contact the office at Coastal Vein and Vascular Specialists located in Palm Beach Gardens. Call 561-295-4110 today.