Get Top-Rated Varicose Veins Repair While on Vacation

February 11, 2020

Medical tourism is on the rise, projected to increase annually at a rate of 15-25%, as the median population ages. Consumers also have increasing access to information about healthcare quality, costs, and options, both domestically and internationally.

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Not that many years ago, the treatment of varicose veins required invasive surgery and extended recovery times. However, recent advances in outpatient procedures have made medical vacation travel an ideal option for varicose vein repair.

The lure of a medical vacation in Costa Rica or Dubai makes for an interesting television segment, but it is not always the right solution. The term “medical vacation” evokes visions of days or weeks in recovery, however, a great location does not seem to matter much when you are lying in bed recovering.

It makes sense to travel for the best care available. Americans have traveled domestically for top-rated medical care before it was even called medical tourism. Think about the number of times you have read about patients being treated by leading specialists at Johns Hopkins or the Mayo Clinic. With stateside medical tourism you can feel more assured about properly licensed medical care. In fact, several hundred thousand international patients travel annually to the United States for medical treatment.

These days many patients are opting for medical tourism to treat varicose veins. Typically discolored, twisted, and bulging blood vessels near the surface of the skin, varicose veins can cause debilitating leg pain and limited functionality. This condition most commonly afflicts women, seniors, pregnant women, and those in occupations requiring prolonged standing, such as nurses, teachers, and hospitality workers.

In 2015, the FDA approved VenaSeal™, a revolutionary treatment for varicose veins. This advanced medical breakthrough allows for outpatient care with a non-invasive treatment and near immediate recovery for most patients. Already a leading vascular medical center, Desert Vein and Vascular Institute in Palm Springs, California quickly became the #1 provider of the VenaSeal™ treatment in the United States. Combined with the area’s popularity as a vacation destination, the center regularly attracts interest from out-of-state and international medical tourists for the treatment of varicose veins.

Places like California and Florida are on the rise as top destinations for this quick, easy, painless solution for varicose vein treatment. With outpatient care some experience immediate relief over leg pain they had endured for years. Scheduling the procedure while on vacation can allow a patient to actually enjoy the rest of their time with golf, tennis, or other outdoor activity. Air travel is also permitted soon after the procedure, adding to the scheduling convenience.

woman medical tourism vacation palm beach florida venaseal

Another destination for varicose vein medical tourism is the Coastal Vein and Vascular Specialists, located in Palm Beach Gardens, an area known for its popular beaches and outdoor living. The lure of a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon and quickly enjoying these lifestyle activities have made the Florida facility a leading center for the breakthrough VenaSeal™ procedure on the East Coast.

Scheduling a medical procedure within a vacation does take planning, so be sure to make preparations well in advance. Medical office staff can assist with questions about timing, procedure, and insurance. Act today to begin planning a vacation that could change the way you live forever.

To learn more about scheduling your medical vacation in the Palm Beach, Florida area for the treatment of varicose veins or other vascular related procedures, please call 561-295-4110 today.