Stop Leg Pain & Enjoy Life Again

May 27, 2021

The beautiful weather of the Sunshine State makes it possible to enjoy fun outdoor activity all year long. Residents and visitors enjoy a wide variety such as water sports, walking, bicycling, tennis, pickleball, and golfing. One of life’s cruel jokes is that just as you find more time for recreation, you often feel less like doing it. Leg pain can play a major part in this decision, but it might not have to be that way.

Living with aches and pains is not an inevitable part of getting older. There is no reason to feel that living with leg pain in unavoidable. Sometimes it feels like everybody has leg pain, but actually most people do not. Today’s technology and medical advances make it easier than ever to treat leg pain, especially that caused by undiagnosed varicose veins.

Have you been experiencing severe leg pain after a round of golf, a few games on the pickleball court, or a morning of fishing? Have you given up a favorite pastime because of leg pain? Imagine returning to your favorite activities without the pain.

What Causes Leg Pain After Tennis Pickleball Golfing Fishing Varicose Veins

You may think living with leg pain is easier and safer than getting surgery. But varicose leg pain is unnecessary with many recent advances providing safe, effective treatment. Most vein treatments are simple, non-surgical, in-office procedures with near immediate recovery time.

Estimates say varicose veins affect 1 in 3 American adults, both men and women of all ages. Yet it remains one of the least diagnosed ailments. Symptoms may include aching, itchy skin, burning sensations, cramping, swelling, and slow healing sores, especially in the lower legs. Overall fatigue or a feeling of heaviness in the legs are also signs of varicose veins.

Some people exhibit none of the traditional symptoms, but they experience pain and discomfort after exercise or exertion. This can also be an indication of varicose veins. These veins can often be seen twisting and bulging beneath the skin, but not all varicose veins are visible.

Varicose veins are diseased blood vessels which disrupt the one-way blood flow essential for healthy tissues. Blood can backflow and stagnate, preventing the delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to muscles and other tissues. This can cause pain and even some serious health risks.

Enjoy Golf Tennis Pickleball Walking Exercise After Varicose Vein Surgery

Modern treatments quickly and easily neutralize the varicose veins, allowing other healthy veins nearby to nourish the tissues and relieve the pain. Most treatment is performed by inserting a small needle, similar to drawing blood. Patients cannot believe how quick and easy most of today’s procedures are. Some describe the treatment effects as instantaneous and miraculous. Others have immediately resumed exercise and recreation they have not enjoyed in years as a result of untreated leg pain.

Varicose vein procedures have improved dramatically, especially with FDA approvals of VenaSeal®, ClosureFast®, and other new treatment methods in the last decade. Diagnosis methods have also improved, often a quick, in-office, handheld ultrasound scan can detect and locate diseased veins. Major medical advances in the last decade have made leg pain treatment quick, effective, painless, and affordable.

You owe it to yourself to stop living with leg pain and enjoy life again. Residents and visitors in Florida have access to one of the area’s finest vascular teams at Coastal Vein and Vascular Specialists, a private practice in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Board-certified vascular surgeon Dr. Christopher Boyes MD FACS and his team handle all types of vein problems and vascular issues.

If you need to schedule a consultation or vein screening, contact the office at 561-295-4110 or online. Many health insurance programs cover the cost of vein treatment and se habla español.

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