Untreated Varicose Veins Diminish Quality of Life

November 11, 2020

As the medically important aspects of treating varicose veins become more pronounced with each new study, let us also not forget the significance of improving everyday life. The symptoms of diseased veins can manifest in a variety of ways, where the undiagnosed varicose veins are not even suspected as the cause. Diagnosing and treating varicose veins can greatly improve the daily quality of life for many people.

Since healthy blood flow is important for nourishing the tissues of the entire body, disruptions to the circulatory system can create a myriad of problems. Physical characteristics such as leg swelling, skin damage, and bleeding are often directly correlated to varicose veins. More subtle symptoms such as pain, tenderness, leg heaviness, and overall fatigue are less likely to lead to a direct diagnosis.

man over 65 feeling leg pain getting out of bed

In fact, many patients tend to accept the subtle symptoms as changes due to weight, age, or other causes. They adapt their lifestyles around these conditions and often forego diagnosis. Former varicose vein patients have reacted with surprise after treatment when symptoms are relieved. Often, they had lived with the symptoms for so long, they no longer realized they even had them.

One study was comprised of patients referred by their general practitioner. These patients were diagnosed with chronic vein disease, yet only 19% had initially consulted their doctor for symptoms related to the disease. Astonishingly, 73% later reported four or more symptoms typically associated with vein disease, validating the belief that people tend to simply live with the problematic symptoms of varicose veins without seeking a remedy.

Critical medical necessity and improved everyday quality of life are both important arguments for the treatment of varicose veins. While the decision to seek treatment is often weighed from these differing perspectives, they are intertwined. Vascular treatment will result in patient benefits across all spectrums – improved daily lifestyle and a better medical condition.

A British study took this examination even further, exploring the link between depression and the presence of symptomatic varicose veins that were undiagnosed and untreated. This study found a prevalence of depression among its study group and advocated a holistic approach in treating patients with varicose veins. It also reinforces the idea that untreated diseased veins are a chronic illness that reduces the quality of life.

family picnic senior woman leg pain from chronic vein disease

With recent major advancements in varicose vein treatment and minimally invasive options, the conversation has shifted away from the pros and cons of post treatment recovery. Procedures such as VenaSeal™ can provide near immediate recovery for most patients. A wider variety of effective treatments means that vascular surgeons can choose the ideal treatment method or combination of treatments that is right for your individual condition.

Consulting with a board-certified vascular surgeon means your treatment will be guided by the most qualified medical professional with the best experience, range of treatment options, and specialized training available for vascular procedures.

If you are experiencing even minor symptoms, they can be an indication of vein disease. There is no need to live with these health conditions which impact your lifestyle and pose serious medical risks. Please consult a vein specialist without delay.

woman enjoying beach lifestyle after vein treatment in florida

Varicose vein patients in and around Florida have access to the 5-star rated services of Dr. Christopher Boyes of Coastal Vein and Vascular Specialists. Located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, he is a board-certified vascular surgeon treating both minor and severe vascular issues.

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